Sports Injuries

Sports injuries, running

Lower limb injuries happen to adults and children alike; whether you run, walk, use the gym, garden, do physical work or play sport.

These injuries can arise from overtraining or poor technique, overly worn or inappropriate footwear, muscle weakness or inflexibility, or even from susceptibilities as a result of your foot type.

Common injuries include:

• heel, arch or forefoot pain

• blisters

• ankle sprains

• stress fractures

• muscle and tendon injuries

• hip and knee pain

Sometimes all that is required to manage or prevent such injuries is to support the foot and ankle with appropriate shoes, perhaps with taping or padding, and in some cases orthotics. 

Patrick has an encyclopaedic knowledge of shoes and can advise you of sound options that suit your budget (and style).

Remember to bring your sports shoes and any existing orthotics to your consultation

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